A Beginner's Guide To Collecting Ancient Coins!

E-Book Guide To Collecting Ancient Coins, On CD

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I'm Thomas Bray and I've been selling ancient coins online since 1997. I'm a member of the ANA, and long before I was a dealer, I was a collector. I remember when I started collecting, I wished there was an inexpensive reference that would answer my questions. There wasn't--so years later, I wrote one!

Pieces Of Time: A Beginner's Guide To Collecting Ancient Greek, Roman & Byzantine Coins is written in easy to understand question and answer format. It was originally sold in printed in booklet form, but has recently been converted to an E-Book in PDF FORMAT (Adobe Acrobat Reader™-- you probably have it on your computer. DOWNLOAD OUR TEST PDF file to see if you'll be able to read our booklet.) The e-booklet will be shipped to you on a CD ROM to read on your compute, in PDF format.


  • What are ancient coins?
  • How were they made?
  • Are ancient coins rare?
  • What about grading?
  • Are ancient coins counterfeited?
  • Are ancient coins a good investment?
  • What are some ways to collect?

PLUS, You Get The Following Reference Tables:

  • A Simple Glossary
  • Typical Coin Denominations
  • Bibliography of Standard References

AND, we include a full color gallery of ancient coins and descriptions, also on the CD in PDF format, and a brand new chapter about Ancient Coin Collecting and the Internet, called WEB SOURCES.

PDF makes it possible to swap material across platforms: if you have a Mac or a PC and have Adobe Acrobat Reader™ you will be able to read this EBook! Again, DOWNLOAD OUR TEST PDF file to see if you'll be able to read our booklet.

There's a lot of VALUE in this e-book. We have sold HUNDREDS of these booklets and are sure you will be satisfied. This is a CD ROM and will be mailed in a sturdy mailer. S&H is $3 to US & Canada. Don't hesitate top contact me with questions! You MUST Be Satisfied!

$5.99 + $3 S&H: Buy With PAYPAL!!